condo security system

Video records to a micro SD card sold separately inserted in the back of the doorbell.

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, a live video feed received from a video source 501 e.

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Home Security projects will be demanded for family homes within Lehighton.

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Functionality described herein is representative of particular implementations of smart devices, control applications running on representative electronic devices such as a smart phone, hub devices 180, and servers coupled to hub devices via the Internet or other Wide Area Network.

condo security system

Specifically, a motion stream is obtained from a camera e. g. , the doorbell camera 106 of a smart home environment 100. The doorbell camera 106 has a field of view of an entryway of the smart home environment 100. The motion stream is a video stream depicting movement or information regarding amount of motion in a scene. The server 164 determines based on an analysis of the motion stream that a visitor is approaching the entryway, and performs a facial recognition operation based on one or more frames of the motion stream.

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“The big companies are growing the market, not taking share away.

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